Friday, January 27, 2006

Finding humor anywhere I can

Anything to make work a little fun is a bonus. My latest projects have me looking through business accounts . . . blah blah blah, I'll spare you the details. I've seen thousands of names in the last week and my top three finds are:

1) Kung Pao Kitty (a restaurant !!) Actually, one of my cube-mates fielded a call regarding this business and I'm not sure why...we were too busy laughing at the name and the image it was conjuring up. It really does exist - on Hollywood Blvd somewhere! Kinda reminded me of a short lived Mexican food restaurant next to the Condor in SF - called Wops Wraps.

2) Sonja's Breast Pump Rentals (self-explanatory) Uhm...I understand truth in advertising but wow, what a turn off. It may be essential that some folks must rent than buy...but rent a breast pump?? Hmm....

3) Dangerous Designs (a graphic design outfit) Edgy, Daring - maybe. But Dangerous?

Just 3 shiny pebbles that stuck out in the quarry.

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