Saturday, January 28, 2006

Half empty or half full?

The photo: me screwing around with the manual exposure on a borrowed Lumix, using the light from the TV, while watching The Secret of Roan Inish.

Heh, obviously, the glass is more than half empty. But I'm thankful that I can drink that water, get up, and refill it with more water.

I can't help but be optimistic and hopeful when presented with negative situations, and be completely negative when something positive happens. Like fortune cookie fortunes. "You are a true and sincere friend". To me, that says "You're a sucker, it's written all over your forehead. If friends want to chit-chat at 2 in the morning, they'll call you and you'll pick up the phone." I saved the "You will be successful with your own business" one because that is kind of a dream. But I read that as "You can't work with other people." [BTW - When reading fortunes aloud, some people tack on 'in bed' or some other phrase. Where did that come from? I never really thought that was funny].
My favorite fortune ever, pasted into one of my scrapbooks, is from a Seattle-area Chinese restaurant from 1996. "You love Chinese food." I don't LOVE Chinese food, but I read that as "Chinese food is always a good alternative when you can't decide on anything else." Unless you see rat droppings in the dining room and/or hear the line cook hocking up serious loogies from the kitchen, Chinese food is a satisfactory crowd pleaser.

I don't prefer one cuisine over another, like when people ask you to identify your favorite cuisine in those email surveys. I list ingredients. Rice, eggplant, mushrooms, curry anything, tofu, almond-flavored things, lavender, oysters, almost anything with gravy or sauce. The list can go on, but essentially, I can be satisfied anywhere if these things are prepared well.

Anyways, my point is, it's a luxury to have choices, and not just about what I'm going to have for my next meal. In my spare time, I could buy myself a day of beauty at a local day spa (I don't have $$ for a much needed stay at a local year spa) or volunteer at a soup kitchen for the homeless or do both (one event after another, of course). It's not about the glass being half empty or half full, it's about having the glass & being able to fill it when it's empty. It's about having the time to consider such clich├ęs and blogging about it!

Now, if I could only make the right choices and put them into action...


Kumiko said...

Chris-I learn something new about you everyday. And to me, that's a bad sign, because as much as I consider you guys my dearest friends, I should know more about you than I feel I know...does that make sense? Anyway, yes, blogger seems easier...I'll keep reading! And we should definitely get together soon!

christina said...

giggle, there's a test: what exactly did you learn?

don't feel bad! i'm in the same boat! it's that whole - it's easier to open up to strangers than people you know. i tried it with people i know and then they just get bored :) and you know me, it's hard to volunteer info. i'm so used to beng the listener IRL - here i get to be the blabber mouth w/o offending anyone.

i'm just glad you took a looky-loo. i don't expect much, just for me to ramble on about stuff. but if i ever do reveal my addiction to flintstones vitamins (oh, i guess the cat's out of the bag now!) the world will learn about it here.

rpaulv said...

wow, even if that was a cliche, it's the first i've heard it...anyway, it's beautiful

christina said...

aww, thanks paul! (hey, what is the r for in rpaul?)