Thursday, January 19, 2006

No caffeine tonight

It is almost midnight and I can't sleep. Too much thinking about nothing and everything. I can understand why it happened last night and the night before - 2 whole cups of superior puerh a few hours before bedtime really got me wired. I finally restocked and think I went overboard with appreciation for it. I promised myself no tea tonight. But here I am again - screwing around on the computer.

It's cold.
I should sleep. Eric's been sleeping for 2 hours now.
I should turn on the heater but the last time I did that in this room I nearly killed my cattleya.
My shoulders hurt - I hate how the computer, desk, and chair are all configured for Eric. Now my hands and nose are cold.
Let's play Ceremony by New Order again ... and again ...and again.
I'm waiting to see fog in front of my face.
Why is my iPod so scratched up already? I bet it was the microfiber 'sock' that I knitted for it that screwed it up, attracting scratchy things, making hairline scratches all over the place. I just got it for Christmas!!
More cowbell - Now that I have a protective case for it, I can't see Eric's cute inscription on the back of it :
"Tinay's iPod - Now with more cowbell."
Now, no more cowbell. It be covered up.
I have too many yarn balls on my desk.
I hate money.
Note to self: buy lotto ticket for Saturday's drawing - jackpot's over $80 mil.
I love how my sisters email in tag-lish.

So much for my first post here. I have to thank Paul, for consistently reminding folks that 'Friendster Sux'. With that said, I'm officially discontinuing my blog there and starting anew here.


rpaulv said...

huzzahs for you! welcome to Blogger! yay! it took me a while to realize that you're on here now. and you "hate" money? well honey, if you ever need to dispose of it, give me a call.

christina said...

*cackle* i said i hated it, didn't say i was generous with it! i bought my lotto ticket for tonight's drawing tho hahaha! fer reals tho, i always wanted to have gobs of $$ and donate as anonymous. if you set up some kind of charity fund, i just might give ya a call!