Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Believe it or not ...

I've been looking for a link to an article and I'm glad to share it with you... sort of.

While waiting for the plane on the way home from Las Vegas, I was feeling restless, just looking forward to being home again. I was knitting, people watching & fiddling with my iPod but it was running low on battery power so that didn't last long. I'm not a great reader but I did bring along some magazines, Martha Stewart and Harper's. I pulled out the Harper's- it always has a variety of things to read in there. Some are nice tidbits, small enough for my little brain to chew on, perfect for my restless mood that afternoon.

So here's a link to the article that woke me up. The magazine article was excerpted from the interview where as this link is the finished article. I have eaten a variety of meat in my day and I like meat. But I would NEVER partake of human flesh, even if I was stuck up in the Andes in some plane crash and my survival depended on it.

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rpaulv said...

oh i wish i hadn't read that just now, because in a few mins i'll go to bed and hope i don't dream or have nightmares. but hmmm, tastes like pork, eh?