Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Catching up with the kiddies

Las Vegas. I have family there and we were visiting them for the weekend. Before I get to the fun stuff, just a few things irritate me about being in the desert. The dryness for starters. Chapped lips. Dry hair, dry skin. Dry eyes. Dry. Oh and the static. I zap myself all the time and I hate it. It's not that it hurts, it's that element of surprise that I can't stand. Ewww.

My oldest niece Mikka is turning 16 this week and we wanted to celebrate it with her somehow, even though it was before her actual birthday day. We haven't seen her and her little brother Pandu (4th grader) and sister Juju (5th grader) in some time too so it was nice to just hang around, eat, shop, and play with them. It's funny to listen to them talk. They're still all cute but you can definitely tell they're growing up. They've been there a few years now and before that, they were in Arizona. I've missed seeing them grow up.

I'm not a gambler and didn't even spend a penny on any machines. We did do the buffets at our hotel a bunch of times and we also got to enjoy Nanny McPhee (a nice fairy tale) with the kiddies. We would have done some bowling but it was taking forever. So we played some Mad-Libs instead and watched Legally Blonde in our hotel room. Juju was into poo everything. Proper noun? Poo-Diddy. Need a verb? Sharting. How about a regular noun? Poop-sicle. We could have gone on and on. I'm glad it didn't go poo when we played Scrabble the next day. I think that was my first full game of Scrabble and I liked it a lot. I was the first to get rid of all my tiles too, so I'm sure that helped.

We stayed away from the Strip at a newly opened hotel/casino called South Coast. It's nice to stay somewhere new. You could still smell the fresh paint. Some of our towels were still new and the closet didn't smell stale and musty. But the hallway was very Shining-esque. Long and narrow with a tapestry-like carpet. I was just waiting for the twins to pop up at the end.

I guess I really can't catch up with the kiddies. They're growing up over there and I'm growing old over here. When we were watching the opening credits to Nanny McPhee, the THX sound check goes on. It's the robot with the baby toy that goes moooo like a cow when you turn it over. But because it's not loud enough, the robot finds a cord, plugs it into the toy and it becomes amplified. Mikka turns to me and says, "Hehe, he USB'd it." 2 things - definitely something I would not have said when I was 15 and she turned USB into a verb!

Heh, for every generation, there is a gap! Ook - interesting read at the PBS site re: the Generation Gap.


rpaulv said...

don't all Vegas hotels seem "Shining-esque" though? haven't been there in years, but i still remember the long and smelly hallways.

christina said...

goes to show I haven't stayed at many Vegas hotels, just that one and the Luxor. Someday, when I hit the lotto (yeah, right!) I hope to explore more hotel interiors. I haven't been on a cruise either, but I'd imagine they'd have long, narrow corridors too, probably less garish carpeting though.