Sunday, February 26, 2006

Family, Friends, Flowers

I was looking forward to the Pacific Orchid Exchange last weekend. Instead, I had a good time catching up with family (Woowoo! Sleep over with Ate Jing & Ate Marivie and my niece Ria at my parents!) and friends (hola Nancy, Art, Matt & Matte) and eating lots of food (Lucky Chances, Little P.I., Millbrae Pancake House, The Slanted Door) while taking in some culture too (visiting the new de Young museum and catching up on some TFC - the Filipino Channel).

Yesterday, Eric told me about the Orchid exhibition at the Conservatory of Flowers. Fr. K (a fellow orchid enthusiast) at the school told him it was actually a nicer exhibit than the POE, so I walked on over a little after noon to see it for myself.

Ever been in a greenhouse in the middle of the day? I hadn't until yesterday. Sauna city. My glasses fogged up the minute I walked in. I was hot and sweaty for the whole 2 hours I was in there. It made me realize how sad my indoor orchids probably are because they need more humidity and heat. For the most part, the displays were well done, bright and uncluttered. But I wished more of the plants had their tags in plain view. It was difficult identifying some of them.

I always wanted to take my mom to an exhibit or the home and garden show but it's hard coordinating schedules with her. She and I have a common love of plants, especially orchids. Last weekend, she walked me out to the backyard to show me some of the blooming cymbidiums and showed me a cattleya that's surviving, even though she neglected it and thought it was on its last legs. I took these photos, thinking she would like them. She goes to hysterectomy surgery tomorrow. I was going to see her today but I think I've picked up a cold (the phlegm has started to thicken along with an itchy/scratchy throat and lots of sneezing) and I don't want to be germy around her.

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