Thursday, February 2, 2006

Hook, line, and stinker

Finally saw the 2005 film version of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. I liked how Willy Wonka was pallid against his colorful factory settings. The kid who plays Charlie was really cool too, especially during the part where Willy makes his proposition. Overall good fun. Right up there with 2 other film adaptations of Roald Dahl's stories that I really like - Matilda and The Witches.

I was looking forward to a rousing, upbeat rendition of Pure Imagination. Don't ask me why but I just thought the version MasterCard's been using in their commercials was bound to be in the film, like when the credits play or something. But I was wrong. So I search iTunes for it and I'm not hearing the right version. I googled 'pure imagination commercial' and the 3rd hit found leads me to Wikipedia.

Darn! Damn commercial jingle got me again!

I thought, at least I know the song's title. It's easier to search for stuff, compared to on again-off again obsession with finding the Midge Ure single Swatch used for a commercial in the late nineties, Breathe. Still perusing used record shops import sections for it, trying to get an honest copy.


rpaulv said...

did i ever give you "breathe?" i can't remember.

christina said...

hola! i think you emailed a file and you also gave me a copy of the best of midge (which did not include the song hehe! 'member?) technically, i have a copy of the song, but ya know, i want to own my disc, just in case ...