Sunday, February 19, 2006

I remember when . . .

October 11, 2004. I was celebrating my 5th year with the company - Woowoo! I ordered the cheesy pen/pencil set and my company pin with the diamond chip! And then, 2 days later, they announced the office would be closing and the work is going to move to Anaheim. The job hunt was on - for anything, anywhere! I was on Craigslist a lot in those days, getting side-tracked by all kinds of things: naughty photos, people looking for dates, things for sale, etc.

I was looking for admin/customer service type things and I came upon a position with Flamingo International. I didn't go for the job but I really liked their website and their services intrigued me. Their researchers have some interesting papers available online and well, they do also offer up Space Invaders if you want to shoot some little aliens. I interviewed with Room & Board (phone interview with their HR lady in Minnesota, what a great accent!) but then I decided I really didn't want to work weekends. Plus, they weren't sure where their warehouse was going to be and I really needed to know if they were going to put it somewhere I could easily get to via public transportation. But I really liked their furniture and we finally bought a new couch and coffee table from them just before Christmas. Design Within Reach was cool too and they did respond to my resume but by then I'd already found another job within the company.

I still remember those stressful times and how I chose to de-stress by wandering the web.

ps - shameless plug for my sister, Ate Marivie. She sells fabulous candles for Gold Canyon Candles. She started selling a few years back when she was still living in Arizona and now she's back in the Bay Area, my distributor is closer to me now! Beats all kinds of other candle brands out there, hands down IMHO.


rpaulv said...

i was shocked to find a DWR studio in Sacramento!

christina said...

to be honest, i haven't been to one myself, just window shopping online and gawking at their jackson street location after dinner once. i'm totally intimidated by the prices.