Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pile drivers are neat & LOUD

The pile drivers are in full swing after work, at the construction site a few blocks away from my building. A few days ago, only one was going, but now there are 2, pounding away at the pilings. The pounding makes the ground shake a little, even from a 1/2 block away, where I wait for my bus. (I wonder if these things register on some seismograph somewhere ...)

It makes listening to my iPod fairly difficult. But the noise is somewhat hypnotic. And I can't help but turn towards the site and watch. The rhythmic pounding is hard to resist.

One driver is faster than the other- sometimes they're in unison and the next moment, the pounding is off time and then they're back in unison again. Puffs of gray/black smoke hover over the drivers. The smell of burning fuel - like diesel or something - is strong when walking alongside the site.

I think the old timber pilings are still on-site, off to one side, while the new concrete ones are in neat piles in a couple of different places. I remember them pulling the old pilings out. It reminded me of carefully plucking hair, something that requires a gentle strength, just enough force to get the whole thing out in one piece without tearing it.

The photo - The construction site I walk by everyday, at 301 Mission. I wait for my bus near the big tree in the background.

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