Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's all about me!

Statue atop the Admiral Dewey Monument, Union Square, San Francisco. May 10, 2006.

I can't say that my birthday celebrations started last Friday, but I like to think it did. Eric picked me up from work and we walked to North Beach to have dinner. We walked up and down Columbus and settled on the original US Restaurant (Fresh & de-lish seafood platter for 2!. Then we took home some amaretti & macaroons from Stella Pastry & Cafe to have with tea for dessert. We caught the 30 to the Marina and wandered through Chestnut before taking the 43 home. It was festive, being Cinco de Mayo and all, so folks were spilling out onto the street from the bars and restaurants. A mariachi band was even playing in front of one of the restaurants!

My 'birthday' day on Tuesday the 9th was great, filled with simple pleasures and easy, non-hectic fun. Bread pudding with whiskey sauce. A new orchid. Smith & Hawken gift certificate. Leisurely gin & tonics and a de-lish charcuterie platter before a lovely dinner with Eric. 2 DVDs - Pride & Prejudice and Better Off Dead. (I forgot I have an Amazon wishlist!) Nice voicemails, emails and a few birthday cards wishing me well. It was a nice walk back to Market St. to catch the 38 and then another nice walk home.

The celebrating continued on May 10th as I took the day off.
Wednesday was a bright spring day, warm and still. I cleaned off my desk and filed and sorted through mail. Then I went downtown and treated myself to a hot link from hot dog stand, some See's Toffee-ettes & window shopping. It was a beautiful day to be out and about. I took photos of clock faces in the vicinity, most being on Market Street. I'm still screwing around with them, along with a gob of Yosemite photos so you won't be seeing them for a while, but I liked the way the monument turned out. Then Eric & I had a yummy dinner at my parents' and watched Munich with my brother Joe. (Yes, I know, not a happy film, but I've been wanting to see it since its release and I just never got the chance, until it came out on DVD, as with The Passion of the Christ, which I just saw on Monday.)

The birthday celebrations extend through Saturday. Tonight was a little reception for the Butterfly Exhibit at the Conservatory (membership to the SF Parks Trust was a gift to myself so I can visit the lovely plants anytime I want in the next year). Friday, Eric & I have dinner & Cobb's Comedy Club (Rex Navarrete is in town!) with some of my AT&T friends and finally, Saturday night, we have dinner with my in-laws. Woowoo!

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