Sunday, May 21, 2006

No longer waterproof

My rain jacket is no longer waterproof. It's a few years old and has been through a number of washings so it was just a matter of time. But today was the day I realized it's no longer waterproof.

Today was also Bay to Breakers. Eric & I have watched the 'woo' people stagger their way down Fell St. since we moved to the neighborhood, but this year we decided after breakfast to just get the house in order and then go to the museum. We wanted to see the International Arts & Crafts
exhibit at the De Young. After breakfast at the Pork Store and chores, we were on our way. The last (or so we thought) batch of laundry was washed and dried and the rain was coming down lightly. I think it was a little after 1PM. We donned our jackets and hats and didn't bother with umbrellas.

The rain was steady but light... until we passed the Conservatory. Then it poured and didn't slow down again until we got to the museum. We were headed in what seemed like the wrong direction. Some costumed Bay to Breakers participants were huddled under trees, waiting for the rain to pass. Others had umbrellas and beers in hand and we caught a few people remarking how the rain sucked. Of course, there were also folks who just didn't care and were determined to have a good time regardless of the rain, like pirates singing their way up Stanyan or the 'cave people' pushing the wooly mammoth through the Park as a 'caveman' was balancing on its back.

We were worried the museum wouldn't let us in. We were SOAKED, front and back, our jeans heavy with rain and a few darker shades of blue. We weren't dripping anywhere, since we were retaining all that water. Our socks and shoes were drenched and of course, our shirts underneath our jackets.

Eventually our jackets did dry off, but underneath, we were still pretty damp. If was it was still raining when we were done, we were going to take the bus home. But the rain stopped and we'd just missed the bus so we ended up walking home. We shopped for dinner and came home at around 5PM. Still damp, down to our underwear, we ended up doing another load of laundry.

It's almost the end of May. What an odd time to shop for a new rain jacket.

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