Wednesday, May 3, 2006


Yes, you too can look chic with designer handbags that may be out of your budget by becoming a member of Bag Borrow or Steal. Here you can browse and borrow bags and purses at varying levels of memberships and prices. Afterall, "Your dream bag awaits."

If you can't afford it, just look like you can! Ladies won't need to devote closet space for handbags they only occasionally use. With others using the bags, it'll look like you've owned the bag forever, like you've broken it in!
Should you tire of a certain trend, you can always return it for another one.

Wow! What will they think of next?!

Tangent... Just being nosey, I wanted to see how exclusive BB or S's lineup is and looked to see if they offered an Hermes Kelly Bag, which they do not. Then I googled for Hermes Kelly Croc and I came across Fgirl's Flickr account. I don't know who she is but her profile has her as a TV host and producer, former magazine editor. Interesting that some of her contacts chose to represent their profiles with pictures of handbags, one a Louis Vuitton and the other an Hermes. The bag obsession continued with her other contacts and their photos. These are the elite in the Philippines, so I suppose it's understandable they showcase their material wealth like pop and sports stars showcase theirs here.

It's a little odd. Fashionistas should love BB or S, but at the same time, the elite and luxury status of certain items seem diminished, knowing that it's now accessible to anyone. Looking at the selection though, they may want to invest in more unique, classic designs, not just the trendy ones.

ps - Jane Birkin, the inspiration behind Hermes Birkin bag, has recently ditched the thing for a kilt accessory! Read on.

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Nancy said...

wow, that's cool that birkin has settled for a little cheapie bag! i've always dreamed of a vegetarian Birkin being made someday...