Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flickr fun!

I've been having lots of fun putting photos up on Flickr and nosing around to see what other folks have been doing for ages. OMG - so much to see!

So many photos are up so quickly. No need to wait for film to be developed and then scan the photos. Folks just come back from a day at the local street festival or vacation and boom - the photos are up! It's so fast and seems so simple.

I want a digital camera, but I don't need one. Until I get one, I'll wander through my photos and scan the ones I want to share, use the one my husband borrows from the school and continue taking photos with my pokey kit.

I'm also working on getting photos on an archive disk from Kodak Gallery so I can bombard my Flickr account with more photos! I'm just waiting to hear back from them regarding the CD they send, if they're copy-protected or not. They shouldn't be, seeing as the photos are mine to begin with. But you never know and I want to make sure before plunking down $50-something dollars for 1700+ photos.

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