Thursday, June 15, 2006

Flower report

A flower spike and 1 flower bud! There would have been a second one but it shriveled up :( I took a chance and hoped these back bulbs from 2 dendrobium hybrids that have long gone would flower. I moved one to the window sill in the kitchen and the other outside to the balcony. I figured, since my dendrobium kingianum started flowering once I set it outside, maybe the greater temperature range is what these guys needed too. Oddly, the plant I kept inside is making the flower, the one outside does have a healthy 'eye' that might produce a flower. When I potted these bulbs, I'd already lost the tags, so until they flowered, I didn't know what color the flowers would be. One of the original plants had pink/white striated petals and the other was a deep red-burgundy color, very velvety looking. That's the one above. The last time it gave me a flower, I fiddled with it too much trying to stake it and I broke it. It had 3 flowers. Argh... and that was about 4 years ago. Just as I threatened to toss it, I saw it had potential and now, it's about to flower! Sometimes, I think these plants really do hear me...

Other orchids about to bloom: paphiopedilum, miltonidium, epidendrum. My Den. Mingle's Sapphire is fading and I harvested the last 2 cymbidium spikes from my balcony. The aphids were going rabid (it's so satisfying and, at the same time, disgusting to squish them by hand) and the few blossoms I saved, I made a mini-arrangement with a floral frog pinholder and a tealight candle holder.

Non-orchids in bloom: african violet. I need to repot again, it's 'neck' is getting long. My peace lily just did it's thing, spewing out all kinds of powder all over the stereo.

Updates: paphiopedilum, miltonidium, epidendrum now in bloom!

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