Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New 'puter & long term memory storage

At last, I have my own computer! A new one at that! Not handed down, tweaked and altered by either my oldest brother Joe or husband Eric. And not from questionable origins (one of my previous computers still had the "Property of St. Mar..." label on it, complete with the cable loop that a chain would probably go through to keep the computer tied up to a desk.) I feel I've 'earned 'this computer, even though it was Eric who earned most of the $$ for it. I've lead my brother and husband to a few fun, diverting computer-related things over the years and now I can explore for myself.

So, what have I been doing with my new computer? Learning mostly. I haven't been around an Apple this much since the 4th/5th grade. Making room in my little head for Apple commands is also interesting - it's been hard to shake the Windows way of organization. But mostly, it's been a big toy, where I've been surfing, enjoying Flickr, especially Guess Where SF.

Eric & I can now be in the office at the same time without me pestering him to read my emails or check the bills. It sure makes things on the Internet look pretty, the monitor is bright and big. It is eating a big chunk of real estate on my desk, but that's ok. It seems pretty light and easy to move if I do start on a big art project.

It also cost a pretty penny but they upgraded it for free from 160GB to 250GB. Seems like I need it, with all the photos & music I've already got on it. But I'm terribly conscious of space and I can't help get rid of things I don't want/need on the computer. Now if only I could be so conscious regarding the every day objects around me in my home. It's just so hard to throw real - tangible things away!

Speaking of resisting the urge to toss out seemingly usesless things...

My current mini-obsession on Flickr is a new group I've joined called "
Ticket Stub and a Story." It's got me searching through my collection of paper odds & ends for my most memorable ticket stubs. And I'm working on scanning them to share and well, wax nostalgic. I can't believe I was 12 when I saw The Last Emperor. Who the hell did I go with? I think that was with my oldest brother, Joe. If he had a tail, it was me. That's a story for another day, though. Remind me to tell you about The UFO & John Morton someday, along with all kinds of other useless information I've picked up from him over the years.

Hehe, I guess it's hard for me to 'delete' trivial information too.

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Nancy said...

cool! congrats! i'm on a mac now, too, at my new job. i haven't been on a mac since i worked for whittier in 1996!!! it's weird but pretty easy...though i may email you for help, since you've likely got a manual for support! [not to be confused with support from a guy named manuel. hee hee.]