Thursday, August 3, 2006

Unleashing cute-ness

I was wandering down the aisles of the Walgreen's at the still-being renovated Westlake Mall and found myself wanting to buy school supplies I don't need. New boxes of crayons, reams of binder paper and lots of pens. I even squeaked "I want glue!" to my niece. She told me to buy some if I needed it and I said I already had that same bottle. (Elmer's if you must know.)
We thumbed through journals and composition books, binders and note pads.

I'm sure every school kid has gone through this anticipation of buying new school supplies and clothes for the coming school year. And for a few minutes there, I really wanted to buy everything I saw, and thought wow, I want to be young and in school again, when all I had to worry about was getting good grades and waking up early enough to catch the bus. Alas, my time has passed. The next time I go back-to-school shopping won't be soon, but I do plan to go back ... someday.

While it's hard to resist the letter or notebook sets at the Sanrio store of one of their oh-so-cute characters, I've been a good girl the past few years and have only bought a wallet or 2. I still have stationery sets and stickers from 5-10 years ago and anyone who knows me knows I barely pick up the phone, let alone write letters. Perhaps someday, I will bequeath these paper things to my nieces and nephews. Err, on second thought, I'm a grown up now and they're still kids. I think I'll ship them my stuff before school starts. No one can enjoy the cuteness as long as the supplies are holed up in my closet - in the dark, contained and unused.


Nancy said...

Hey! You're not the only one! I totally feel the same way when I go to Target before school starts. I also had tons of cute unused stationery, so I finally had to remind myself, "It's better to share on cute stationery!" I even use some of it at work, sometimes...but only with colleagues that I'm also social with.

christina said...

at least you used it!
i went to the sanrio store today at stonestown looking for the cheapy plastic wallet (need another one) and to my surprise - they didn't carry them!! should i grow up and buy a real wallet?! i think it's a sign...