Thursday, September 7, 2006

3+ years later

I finally got some photos up from a trip to Peru on flickr, along with some bits of ephemera I recently photographed with a borrowed digital camera. (Someday, I will have one!!) I blogged about it on friendster last year and I thought I'd follow up the blog with photos. Just took a little longer than I thought. I made the same statement about some Yosemite photos from this past spring. There are just so many photos! It's hard to choose, but some are up on flickr too.

The photos are temporarily housed in a photo album. My goal, as with all my travel photos, is to get them in my scrapbook, incorporating the bits of paper I've accumulated on the trip. Currently, I think I am 6 years behind. Some travel photos aren't even in a photo album, just in photo storage boxes or online with the Kodak Gallery.

Got my 'work' cut out for me. There just aren't enough hours in the day to organize my memories!


Nancy said...

glad to know that i'm not the only one who will someday create scrapbooks, too! i've been wanting to do that with europe [2000], provincetown [2003], hawaii [2003], and washington d.c. [2004]! maybe we should get started together one of these weekends....

christina said...

Sure, let's! When are you free? Hehe, it's like scheduling Lavande girly day all over again! We tried this once before, I think we were at Lesley's and we ended up looking at stuff instead of putting them in albums, remember? Still, a good idea. Let me know when you're available.