Saturday, October 14, 2006

Celebrity sighting!

Well, a Filipino celebrity sighting. At the newly super-sized San Francisco Centre, housewares department in Bloomingdales.

Shortly after my sisters, my niece and her school friends finished eating lunch, we made our way from the Food Emporium to Bloomingdales. I already took some shots of my shopping party and some of the food we ate and I was now on the prowl for anything fun and interesting to shoot. I found a crumpled piece of paper stuffed in a coffee cup amongst the fine china table settings and snapped that up. It was close to the escalator and and soon we'd be on our way up to the next level.

Apparently, my sisters had already been whispering they had just spotted Eric Quizon. (Later on, I'd learn that my sister Jing didn't want to say anything to my other sister Marivie because she didn't want her craning her neck and gawking at him, but too late, she recognized him on her own.) I did a quick double take, camera in hand, and nodded in agreement and caught a bad blurry shot from over head. We got off the escalator and I said I'm going in for a closer shot and wanted everyone to come with me.

We made our way down the escalator and missed them again, Eric and his companion were being attended to by an employee. It seemed that Eric's companion was receptive to what I was up to but I didn't want to be separated from the rest of gang and look like a dodo all by myself on this mission. So up the escalator we went again. I tried to take another photo, and this time, he noticed and waved up to me. I took that as a sign that it couldn't hurt to just approach the guy and ask his permission to take his photo. And down the escalator I went a third time, with Marivie in tow. The other gals had gone off to find and use the facilities.

Marivie started feeling really self-conscious now, saying she looked so blah and wished she wasn't wearing what she was wearing. I said I didn't care. He wouldn't remember us and he's probably happily surprised that folks over here recognize him. We had approached the two at the cash wrap and I said hello, held out my hand to introduce myself and he did likewise. I introduced my 'Ate' (pronounced 'ah-teh', meaning older sister for non-Tagalog readers) and I asked if it would be ok if I took a photo of him with my sister, seeing as she recognized him. He ok'd it and I snapped it up. I showed it to him, thanked him and bade them both have a good day.

Off we went, still giggly and eager to show the others the photo. After a few hours of weaving in and out the mall, we ran into Eric and his companion again. He recognized us, we exchanged waves and good-byes and continued on. That was actually fun!

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