Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The perfect setting

I'm not the first to point this out but it still makes me laugh that in most furniture catalogs, especially the high end kind, there are no people. There are picture frames, they might have pictures of people, but they're usually of prints of plants or sailing ships, shadow boxes of corks, sea glass or seashells. Where are the people? There's something wrong with that.

The rooms are perfectly accessorized... or are they? Homes and their rooms are for people and a pet or 2. Where are they? Too busy making sure everything looks perfect they don't want to sit and rumple a cushion. I can see why they furniture folks do this, they want you to see yourself in their things, for you to imagine yourself lounging on that fabulous chocolate brown leather sofa with the luxuriously soft chenille throw near your foot just in case the cool breeze wafting through the open french doors is a little too chilly and you're too lazy to close the doors.

My co-workers were talking about furniture shopping yesterday and Deion* asked Denise* where she's been looking for her dining room set. She said Black Sea Gallery. Deion did a double take and replied laughingly "Black Z-Gallerie?!" We all had a laugh (they're both African-American) and he continued to ask, jokingly, where it was and what kind of stuff they had that was different from the regular Z-Gallerie. After the laughing, they continued to talk and compare prices between what they'd seen so far from Scandanavian Designs and Williams-Sonoma.

I want to see people in these rooms. But I bet the marketing folks don't want to have to pick through the 'types' of people that should be in these rooms for fear of offending or excluding anyone. So it's definitely easier to leave everyone out.

*Not their first names, just their middle names!

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