Friday, December 1, 2006

The feasting continues

And the drinking too. Last week was constant eating, but I don't feel like I've overdone it this year, like I know I have done in the past.

I took 2 hours off at the end of my shift today so Eric & I could start happy hour early. After running some last minute things at the post office, we were off to drinks at the Marriott's View Lounge. We haven't been in some time and thought it was time to go posh again for some cocktails and nibbles and to see how the City's looking from up there.

No nibbles, as it turns out. We ordered whiskey sours, a cheese plate and some pate but the kitchen guy was not there so our server comp'd us another round of whiskey sours instead. I can't believe we ate the whole bowl of peanuts and party mix. Our original plan was to have dinner somewhere in the Castro but that was too far to stagger to. The second round was much stronger so we needed to eat somewhere nearby.

I offered up Lulu or Buca Di Beppo, but even that was too far for Eric, and Buca's fun with lots of friends. Lulu just has lots of people we don't know and it's noisy. Eric is always ragging me that I've eaten there with others and not him, but he wasn't interested tonight.

On the way to dinner, we stopped at Needless Markup for the annual fruitcake. Eric likes fruitcake so we've been buying one as a part of our Christmas season rituals. Plus I get a tin when he's done. He grew up on the big generic bricks from the supermarket and I introduced him to the good stuff. One year, I waited too long and they ran out so I bought a rum cake instead, which was good, but wasn't the same. My thing is egg-nog. We'll spike it with anything we have on hand, anejo rum, bourbon, whisky. We still have some Black Label left over from Jennifer & Pepe's wedding (from 3 years ago!) and now we're using that.

Anyway, after the shopping (I was secretly hoping they'd be giving samples of something, anything to nibble on, but they weren't), we hobbled over to E&O Trading. We ate there once with friends many moons ago and tonight, they were closed for a private function. So Cafe De La Presse was our restaurant of choice. Neither of us have eaten there but I'd heard good things from our friend Mary.

Eric ordered another cocktail and I had a glass of wine. We had 3 yummy courses (I had onion soup, duck salad, and profiteroles for dessert) and coffee. Our server was very nice and the place was just filling up as we were leaving. It's funny, we like eating pretty early, but that's so we have time to chill and savor the evening's activities before going to sleep.
This past Sunday, we had an early dinner at the Buckeye for Uncle John's birthday. I also had soup (butternut squash) and duck (roasted with an awesome mushroom bread pudding), a slice of coconut cream pie and tea for dessert. Dinner at 5, home by 8, time to unwind and catch up on some crap TV before the start of a new work week.

Now Eric's asleep (he has to get up early to proctor the SATs) and I'm taking photos of the tops of wine bottle tops.

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Anastasia B. said...

Hey, I didn't know Mary liked French stuff too! Mike and I ate brunch there one Sunday in October and liked it a lot. Plus, the bartender's looks were pas mal... ;)