Monday, May 14, 2007

My birthday 'week'

Happy birthday to me! It was actually on Wednesday the 9th. I turned 32.

Work's been insane and I wasn't able to schedule any time off (before or after) my big day to take myself out on my annual tourist jaunt in the City. But Eric did take me to dinner at Kuleto's. The wait staff and host were quite attentive and friendly, the food was good. The last time we ate there was dinner before my junior prom! It was a nice trip down memory lane, but to be honest, I don't remember much about that dinner. I think I was too worried about my dress. I wonder if I can dig up that photo...

Anyway - before dinner, on our way from my office to the restaurant, we had a chance to listen to some kids from the Paul Green School of Rock, playing some good ole rock & roll.
I'm not a rock aficionado by any means - hardly any of the songs they sang were familiar, if you told me titles, I'd be even more lost. I gave them A's for effort in my head. Then again, maybe they were original compositions? I took some photos before Eric walked me over to the restaurant. The kids looked like they were having a good time, even if they didn't sound like it.

Celebrating my birthday actually started on 5/4 when I had dinner with Eric and his family. My mother-in-law would be out of town and wanted to take me out before she left. My sister-in-law and her daughter rounded out our party of 5 at the MarketBar. Tasty food! I'd definitely go back, my halibut was awesome. After dinner, we all wandered through and around the Ferry Building and Pier 1. It was a mild, clear evening, perfect for a leisurely walk near the water.

Work's been insane, as I mentioned before, and I was trying really hard to just let things happen. Take things as they come and not stress out. I think I passed. No canker sores!!
Yeah, that sounds gross, but I've had quite a few this year already and I was determined to make a change in attitude to avoid more sores. They hurt like a mo-fo and I get sad. I can't enjoy food and I'm embarrassed they occur.

I worked through most of my birthday without anyone at work knowing but slowly word got around and a little after lunch, my manager had wished me a happy birthday. So much has been going on in the last year, no one's really been keeping track of birthdays and service anniversaries at work. Plus, I've been under 3 different managers this year already. They don't have time to get on the ball for these kinds of things. But that's a whole other story that doesn't need to be told here.

As a co-worker put it, I'm like a wishbone, being pulled in two opposite directions, one towards my old duties, tying up loose-ends, all while trying to learn my new responsibilities within the new system we just started using. I still feel like I've done everything and nothing in these past few weeks of 'transition.'

Needless to say, I couldn't wait for the Friday the 11th to roll around. My new work-mates chipped in for birthday cupcakes and a nice card and after work, Eric and I were headed to dinner with some of my best buddies from high school. A small group of us have kept in touch all these years and we get together a few times a year, including Christmas, which was the last time most of us were all together. A good time was had by all and we spent a good 4 hours at the Elephant Bar at Serramonte. It was nice not being rushed out. One thing though - don't order the Irish coffee. For some odd reason, there was a cherry floating in mine. Big ewww.


Anastasia B. said...

OMG!! I get canker sores too! I feel your pain...I've had several this year...most recently THREE the week after our Elephant Bar jaunt. Therefore, I love Kanka, especially the soft-tip version!

christina said...

Kanka! Let's buy stock in it!! Three, dang, you musta been hella stressin' :(