Monday, August 13, 2007

Today is a new day

Not that yesterday wasn't a new day either, but...

After two weeks of vacation, including a whole week on Oahu celebrating a friend's wedding, basking in tropical sun & sand and 3 scorching hot, fun days in Las Vegas with family, I started my new job.

I feel refreshed. Without worry and looking forward to a new challenge. How's that for new? I haven't felt like this in a while. I don't often blog about work-related issues and I won't start now but I will miss wearing jeans every day and I'll definitely miss my buddies at work.

Vacation results - over 1000 photos taken in the last two weeks that I'm still in the process of editing, posting on flickr and distributing to interested parties. Vacation can be work too, but full of wonderful images and moments, memories to last a lifetime.


Anastasia B. said...

DUDE! you got a new job? and you can't wear jeans every day? do tell!

christina said...

Ha! While a professional appearance is preferred, with business casual being the norm, all kinds of professional people still wear jeans. Just not as often. I guess I don't want to stick out too much, especially not having been on the job for more than 2 weeks. I did wear jeans on Friday and no one said anything :)