Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Smiling silly

Smiling on a plane

Ok, I'm just happy these days. Brimming with new experiences and feeling like a little kid ,just in awe of all that's going on in my world.

I'm really enjoying work! Ok so I'm just an admin but I'm learning about things and hey, I like learning! My pay rate was approved so YAY on that one too. Orientation wrapped up yesterday with a fabulous tour of some of the facilities around the system and I had a great time. Field trip excitement. Wooo!

Tuesday night, I was smiling a lot too. My face was actually starting to hurt. Eric, Mary and I met at our place for dinner (tasty Green Chile Kitchen) before meeting Judy downtown and then continuing on to Oakland for Pink Martini at the Paramount Theatre. Our journey went quite well, no issues getting to Oakland.

First I was wowed by the beautiful theatre. Holy crap it's awesome. Couldn't take any photos though. Seeing how close it is to BART and how quick it was from the freeway, I'd say we'll be seeing more of the Paramount in the future.

Thomas M Lauderdale (pianist, founder of Pink Martini) introduced the March 4th Marching Band and they were fabulous. They sounded great, loved the costumes and the folks on stilts and dancers were fun. Too bad the stage was already sorta set up for PM... I think it would have been better if the 'marching band' actually got to move around the stage, instead of just the dancers and stilt walkers.

After a long intermission (people began to clapping for PM to get on out already), they opened up their set with their lovely version of Bolero. I was hoping to find a copy of their song list somewhere online but no luck. They played stuff from their other albums but of course, the ones that stick out and were extra cool are not recorded, like Ernesto Lecuona's (a new name to me!) Malaguena. Wow. Ok, I know I'm saying wow a lot, but I was truly, honestly wowed.

Special thanks to Mary for getting awesome seats and driving. I'm glad Eric finally saw PM live and in such a nice venue. Their albums sound great but they're more great live. The last time I saw them, I really loved Paloma Griffin's violin-playing. This time around, I was impressed by Nicholas Crosa's violin-playing and ugh... I didn't catch the name of the trumpet and trombone players. Maybe it was because they were right in front of us, but they were excellent. Not that the rest of the band was chopped liver, but these guys really stood out. They all looked like they were having a fun time playing together and it really showed... keeping me smiling silly.

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