Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy New Year - It's tax season again!

How it comes with a quickness. Almost like seeing Christmas items for sale when Halloween hasn't even come and gone. The W2s and 1099-x forms are rolling in, signaling tax preparation season is here. I'm still waiting on a few things, the w2 from my old job and the 2nd mortgage interest payment form. Oh yay.

We always file on time and thankfully, get money back. But oddly, the refund is roughly the same amount that we owe in property tax. Plus, this installment of property tax is due on or before April 10, further encouraging us to file taxes early. Oh, and another thing. The first installment is always due on or before December 10 - just in time for the holidays!! Ugh. Isn't that funny?
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On a different subject - not that I think anyone will read this - but if you've made it this far (thank you!) please vote. Just do it. If you haven't registered, duh, do that first. If you have registered already, you're halfway there! Don't forget to vote - in your local, state and of course this year, the national election. Check these numbers out. Even if you think you're throwing your vote away on someone or something that has a crap chance of winning - VOTE.

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Anastasia B. said...

AMEN to that section on voting, sister!