Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dear Uncle John

Dear Uncle John,
I'll always remember you for your Korean War stories, your fondness for wine, coupled with your extensive knowledge of places to eat - anywhere - and your big heart.
You = Illocano, me = Kapangpangan, but we were family after marrying into the Castro/Bernesque clan.

We always yearned for rice at the family parties and sometimes you brought some to share with me.
You would have loved my story about where I had lunch yesterday - the acclaimed hole-in-the-wall on 6th St, near Market called Tu Lan. You've probably eaten there too! I'm sure you would have had a classic anecdote from your many food adventures and we would have had a great laugh.

It was always funny trying to talk Tagalog with you because, you know, we both were both terrible at it.

Cancer really does suck and it took you away from us too soon.

With love,

RIP John Portuguiz
Nov 1936 - Mar 2008