Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions. I stopped doing that when I stopped giving up things for Lent and that was many years ago. It seemed lame to give something up for a short period of time and when Lent's over, re-indulge. Yeah, I know, there's a bigger point to why we sacrifice things for Lent, but average Catholics tend to give up chocolate, coffee, shopping - material things. How does that make us better people? Why not make resolutions and sacrifices continuously throughout the year? Why wait?

But a friend did throw out a question on facebook, asking for people's New Year's resolutions, if we were making them. This year, I am committing to doing more and over-thinking less. I actually started this in the middle of summer, first at work. Get tasks done and work to get ahead to make room for the crazy curve balls that get thrown in just when I least expect them. In doing more, I've added to my info bank and I hope that when stuff pops up, I am prepared. Sounds simple enough, right? Not for me. Less 'paralysis by analysis' and more deciding, doing. Less mooing and whining. Just do it.

I'm still working on how this will translate into my home routine and personal life, which for the most part, is as exciting as my list of vices. Wish me luck. And good luck to you if you are making any resolutions for 2009.

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