Sunday, April 19, 2009

6 minutes and counting

I get the feeling I won't finish this post by 11:00 PM. But I'm going to try. 

Eric and I celebrated 11 years of marriage yesterday. This year, our Spring break getaway was to the Russian River Valley, with lodging at the Farmhouse Inn in Forestville. Having been away on vacation since this past Tuesday afternoon, I'm not really looking forward to being stuck in the office tomorrow. But I'll have wonderful memories of the following:

1. Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant - lovely people, great room, delicious food and so many pretty flowers. 

2. Reading a book - I don't do this enough. (No, I haven't finished it yet, but it is interesting.)

3. Spending lots of time with Eric doing nothing in particular. It seems like we do this, day in/day out, but we're always 'working' on something. 

4. Healdsburg is worth a few more visits.  

5. The wind - Soobee ran over a lot of branches and leaf debris. 

6. Scared cows in Jenner. No, not sacredscared. Eric took photos of them and they ran away promptly.

FARGE! It's 11:00PM.

7. Being disconnected - I haven't been that disconnected in quite some time and it was nice. No facebook, flickr, mindless surfing. Nada.

8. Not worrying about what's going on at work - When little thoughts started creeping in, I'd promptly remind myself to stop and be where I was. 

9. Going places, seeing things - Madrona Manor Inn (a stroll in the gardens), Rosso & Bianco (under construction but open for our impromptu picnic), Lake Sonoma (scary people, scenic overlook, earth fill dam), Hop Kiln Winery (afternoon snacks), Rochioli Vineyards (wine tasting), Fort Ross SHP (this time, with Bear), the Regency Ballroom (Paul Weller concert that was originally slated for The Warfield), the Conservatory of Flowers (we haven't been back together in a while), Davies Symphony Hall (last-minute splurge on tickets to Carmina burana). 

10. I got my wedding ring back - it was being cleaned. I missed it being on my finger. I had been wearing an old 'promise' band that Eric had given to me many years ago when we were still in college.


Okay, back to sorting and editing photos from the week. On second thought, I think I'll sleep instead. 

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Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday! I bet Carmina Burana was waaaay worth the splurge:)

I know what you mean about missing your wedding ring; I miss mine when it's out for cleaning, too.