Monday, November 23, 2009

New lens fun

Even when taking photos of disappointment, there's new lens fun to be had:

My Christmas present arrived last week. Eric jumped at the chance of getting it at a discounted price so here I am, celebrating Christmas even before Thanksgiving.

Here's another early sample, and a bit of randomness in my universe:

Last Wednesday, I was walking from New May Wah Supermarket to my bus stop and I crossed paths with a young man and woman, possibly late high school or early college-aged kids. Not sure if they were just friends since they weren't holding hands, but I sensed they were developing their togetherness as a couple, meandering down Balboa Street and in no hurry to their destination.

The young man gave me a stem of lantanas, asking if I'd like some flowers. And I happily said, "Sure," as I accepted. The young woman let out a little giggle and we continued on our paths. They used to look like this but I waited too long (2 days) to attach the new lens and shoot them.

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