Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tidbits, tadbits

Happy New Year!
It's been a few months since my last confes... I mean post. I would hardly call these posts confessions, anyway. After all, it's about nothing and anything but purposefully and most often, innocuous.

Wasting time
Facebook has been eating up a lot of my computer hours after work - especially with farming, cafe and pet social networking games by Zynga and Playfish, among others. The weird thing is, it's about me wasting my time as I hardly socialize with anyone else, any other friends that may have a farm or pet or restaurant. We all seem to give each other stuff and watch out for each other but I don't chat with my fellow fb social networking game "neighbors" while tending to my tasks. I didn't realize that one of the games even had a chat function and my sister was trying to talk to me about harvesting some crops. Big oops.

On the job front
In my last post, I was getting laid off. I've managed to land a new job in a completely different industry (try engineering to mental health!) and am having fun learning new things, jargon and processes. I've been a busy bee since I started, determined to show my new office mates that I am a good egg and am not the stereotypical slacker municipal employee. I don't know how much that will help me keep my job but even if the budget displaces me again, I'm not changing my work ethic.

(Photo: Max's suit from the film Where The Wild Things Are on display @ 826 Valencia)

Another Mission: Mission
Eric and I embarked on our "Mission: Mission" in 1995 - to see all 21 Spanish Missions in California. We finally marked off our list the mission closest to us - Mission San Francisco de Asis, commonly known as Mission Dolores. 3 left to go before we're done, but they're all in So Cal - La Purisima, Santa Ines, and Fernando Rey.

Now that I work in the Mission District, we've been increasingly interested in exploring a neighborhood we've managed to avoid for many years. Yes, we've been through it and to some places in it, but it seems we were only casual regulars for ice cream at Mitchell's and nothing more. Cakes from Dianda's were a treat but I never bought one myself. Now I favor their amaretti rather than Stella Pastry's in North Beach. Check it out for yourself if you like almond-flavored goodness.

Wandering around during breaks and lunches has been a treat, especially with the food. I tried the HUGE Cubana torta from That's It Market and I had to bring home the other half for Eric it was so big. I stopped in at Kababayan during a chilly lunch hour for a heart-warming serving of mongo. I've fallen in deep-like with the chili sauce at the China Express Deli, my new favorite hole-in-the-wall Chinese deli. In the last month, Eric and I have tried Range, St. Francis Fountain, and Ti Couz (though we ate here about 7 or 8 years ago and had not been back til now, but that's another story), took a mini-photo stroll up 24th Street from Potrero to Mission and have become familiar with the 33-Stanyan.

Aside from the food, there are also a ton of flower shops, produce markets and meat counters, discount outlets and dollar stores. So many distractions and so lively! Oh and there's nothing like the smell of roasting chicken wafting down to the 24th St. BART station as I make my way to work. It beats urine and vomit stench on Market between 7th & 8th Streets any day.

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