Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer's gone

Sort of. Though school started some time last month for my nieces and nephew and Eric has gone back to work, I am stretching out my summer season with a long weekend in Las Vegas. An odd place to vacation, since I don't gamble or shop much. But this place has become a food mecca in recent years and I do like warm weather when it comes to relaxing and doing as little as possible. (I'm also here to visit my niece who turns sixteen tomorrow.)

Two days poolside and my tan is developing nicely. I've been easing up on the drinks, having lots of water instead. Partly because cocktails are expensive but mostly because I've been sweating like mad when sitting out in the sun.

I'm not sure when, but when I return, I will make sure that Eric is able to come with me. He hasn't been here in a few years and in that time, this place has already changed so much. Photos to come, for sure. Food shots, textures, and of course, a few window displays from Barneys New York.

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