Friday, December 14, 2012

Keeping time through music

From time to time, I get hooked into new (to me) music and binge. I play an artist's songs and/or albums over and over until overload sets in or I've memorized all I can. I don't always remember what triggers the obsession or how I begin to ease away from the incessant listening patterns, but I know I've been doing this since I was a kid. I spent a lot of time with the record player, headphones, and an all access pass to my brother's record collection.

I usually latch onto one summer song as an anthem. Sometimes it's something current, most of the time it's something on the way to being played out. For 2012, my summer song was Human by The Killers. I played this one to death. I still like it though because it puts me in a dance-y mood. I love it for that. I wish we would go dancing more often but Eric and I are no longer spring chickens. It's tough to stay up past a certain time and during the week, we're just too plain tired to go out after work.

I binged on everything by Everything but the Girl back in college. I consumed Amplified Heart so hard it was almost glued to my Discman. Even though my brother had some of their earlier albums, I consider this one to be my introduction to EBTG. These days, I associate Amplified Heart with autumn, the cool brisk weather that it brings, and a number of wonderful and bittersweet episodes from the mid to late 90s. I usually bust out Amplified Heart just a little before Thanksgiving during the first chilly evenings of the season. This album always reminds me to be thankful and appreciative for all the challenges and graces I've received.

Lately, I've had a band crush on WALK THE MOON. My recent playlists have included most of the songs from their current album. I credit late night TV for indirectly introducing me to WTM. I fell in love with Grouplove's Tongue Tied from watching them on some late night talk show and in my search for that song's video, I bumped into Anna Sun as a suggestion from YouTube. There were other suggestions on my sidebar but WTM's live performances stood out. Their energy is infectious. I was constantly playing their iTunes Festival 2012 performance from London and finally saw them perform live not too long ago. If they come to your neck of the woods - GO. Don't hesitate. I look forward to more music from these guys and I hope they swing around San Francisco sooner than later.

Winter is just a few days away and I haven't been playing as much holiday music as I have in years past. Probably because I was playing holiday music during non-holiday times. I bought Pink Martini's holiday album Joy to the World last year after the holidays and I know I was playing Ocho Kandelikas (Ari Shapiro, your voice is butter!) way past Hanukkah. I also got really addicted to their upbeat and cheerful version of Auld Lang Syne. I think it deserves to be enjoyed all the time.

All that to say, I think I'm just in denial that time is slipping away so fast. If I don't play holiday music, maybe I can hold off the holidays a little longer and 2013 won't just be around the corner. Maybe I can slow down time if I continue listening to my summer and fall playlists. But I'm not crazy. I know time will go on and the holidays will come and go regardless of what's on my playlist.

With that, I leave you with Phoenix's Countdown (with commentary!) Happy holidays and have a great 2013!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ok, so I'm still laughing at this great California Lottery commercial. 
I don't play the lottery much these days. I used to buy an occasional quick pick when the jackpots grew beyond $100 million dollars. I can't even remember the last time I bought a scratcher. 
If anything, it makes me want to get a dog just to call it Cornelius. Which is weird, because I think I'd like a female dog. Hm. Oh well. 
I do daydream about some of the things I would do or how I would spend my money if I ever won a super huge jackpot. 
  • Give away a bunch to my family
  • Give away a bunch of it to my favorite charities and non-profits
  • Quit my job
  • Spa more
  • Get haircuts more frequently
  • Travel more
  • Sleep more

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Once upon a time...

I graduated from high school twenty years ago. Looking back at my senior year scrapbook, I found some funny notes my friends left on the autograph pages,  from the time I didn't have a telephone. These days, many kids, even the less privileged ones, have mobile phones. For a while there, I didn't have a house phone. And my friends knew it. They were an understanding bunch and my buddies with cars often showed up at my house to invite me out, the old-fashioned way, by knocking on the door. My mom didn't always let me out, but I was always glad my friends came by anyway.


Monday, March 5, 2012

From the 2012 Pacific Orchid Exposition

Select photos from my time at the 2012 Pacific Orchid Exposition.

Details on some of the plants can be found on my Pacific Orchid Exposition flickr set. I haven't attended in a few years and I'm glad I went. I even bought a new plant. I've been eyeing a certain one for years but I only saw two vendors selling them this year. Then again, I went to the marketplace late in the day of the last day of the Expo so folks could have sold out. Not that I needed another one. I have plenty of plants to take care of and this year, I will/must split plants and repot. I think I said that last year, but this year I will, especially the ones that live out on the flower boxes, before they get too heavy and huge to lift in and out of the window.