Saturday, January 28, 2006

Half empty or half full?

The photo: me screwing around with the manual exposure on a borrowed Lumix, using the light from the TV, while watching The Secret of Roan Inish.

Heh, obviously, the glass is more than half empty. But I'm thankful that I can drink that water, get up, and refill it with more water.

I can't help but be optimistic and hopeful when presented with negative situations, and be completely negative when something positive happens. Like fortune cookie fortunes. "You are a true and sincere friend". To me, that says "You're a sucker, it's written all over your forehead. If friends want to chit-chat at 2 in the morning, they'll call you and you'll pick up the phone." I saved the "You will be successful with your own business" one because that is kind of a dream. But I read that as "You can't work with other people." [BTW - When reading fortunes aloud, some people tack on 'in bed' or some other phrase. Where did that come from? I never really thought that was funny].
My favorite fortune ever, pasted into one of my scrapbooks, is from a Seattle-area Chinese restaurant from 1996. "You love Chinese food." I don't LOVE Chinese food, but I read that as "Chinese food is always a good alternative when you can't decide on anything else." Unless you see rat droppings in the dining room and/or hear the line cook hocking up serious loogies from the kitchen, Chinese food is a satisfactory crowd pleaser.

I don't prefer one cuisine over another, like when people ask you to identify your favorite cuisine in those email surveys. I list ingredients. Rice, eggplant, mushrooms, curry anything, tofu, almond-flavored things, lavender, oysters, almost anything with gravy or sauce. The list can go on, but essentially, I can be satisfied anywhere if these things are prepared well.

Anyways, my point is, it's a luxury to have choices, and not just about what I'm going to have for my next meal. In my spare time, I could buy myself a day of beauty at a local day spa (I don't have $$ for a much needed stay at a local year spa) or volunteer at a soup kitchen for the homeless or do both (one event after another, of course). It's not about the glass being half empty or half full, it's about having the glass & being able to fill it when it's empty. It's about having the time to consider such clich├ęs and blogging about it!

Now, if I could only make the right choices and put them into action...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Finding humor anywhere I can

Anything to make work a little fun is a bonus. My latest projects have me looking through business accounts . . . blah blah blah, I'll spare you the details. I've seen thousands of names in the last week and my top three finds are:

1) Kung Pao Kitty (a restaurant !!) Actually, one of my cube-mates fielded a call regarding this business and I'm not sure why...we were too busy laughing at the name and the image it was conjuring up. It really does exist - on Hollywood Blvd somewhere! Kinda reminded me of a short lived Mexican food restaurant next to the Condor in SF - called Wops Wraps.

2) Sonja's Breast Pump Rentals (self-explanatory) Uhm...I understand truth in advertising but wow, what a turn off. It may be essential that some folks must rent than buy...but rent a breast pump?? Hmm....

3) Dangerous Designs (a graphic design outfit) Edgy, Daring - maybe. But Dangerous?

Just 3 shiny pebbles that stuck out in the quarry.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Waiting patiently

Some things are worth waiting for. I waited 3 years for a bare pseudobulb to bloom. I guess I just wanted to see if it would actually work. My mom gave me a back bulb from when she last repotted one of her cymbidiums. It sent up premature spikes in the past but this is the first time a full grown spike with full size blooms (7) actually survived. Now let's see if I can get it to rebloom again for next year.

I'm looking forward to attending this years Pacific Orchid Expo. I've decided to thin out my modest orchid collection in pursuit of a more organized theme - mini plants with mini flowers. My 'mini' collection includes a Dendrobium 'Mingle's Sapphire, Oncidium 'Twinkle', Miltonidium 'Rosey Sunset Pink Bouquet' indoors and Dendrobium kingianum outside. I'd love to bring it in so I can enjoy the scent but it has bugs now and well, they need to stay outside. I have 7 cymbidium pots outside, one that grew the pretty flowers above, another that has standard size pink flowers and the rest are slightly mini-cyms that are purpley-burgundy-brown. The pink & slightly mini-cyms are divisions from my mother-in-laws plants. Unfortunately, I don't know any of their names.

For more fabulous photos of orchids from all around, including previous Pacific Orchid Expos, I recommend checking out Eric in SF's photos. Don't know the man, but I'm a fan of his photos.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

No caffeine tonight

It is almost midnight and I can't sleep. Too much thinking about nothing and everything. I can understand why it happened last night and the night before - 2 whole cups of superior puerh a few hours before bedtime really got me wired. I finally restocked and think I went overboard with appreciation for it. I promised myself no tea tonight. But here I am again - screwing around on the computer.

It's cold.
I should sleep. Eric's been sleeping for 2 hours now.
I should turn on the heater but the last time I did that in this room I nearly killed my cattleya.
My shoulders hurt - I hate how the computer, desk, and chair are all configured for Eric. Now my hands and nose are cold.
Let's play Ceremony by New Order again ... and again ...and again.
I'm waiting to see fog in front of my face.
Why is my iPod so scratched up already? I bet it was the microfiber 'sock' that I knitted for it that screwed it up, attracting scratchy things, making hairline scratches all over the place. I just got it for Christmas!!
More cowbell - Now that I have a protective case for it, I can't see Eric's cute inscription on the back of it :
"Tinay's iPod - Now with more cowbell."
Now, no more cowbell. It be covered up.
I have too many yarn balls on my desk.
I hate money.
Note to self: buy lotto ticket for Saturday's drawing - jackpot's over $80 mil.
I love how my sisters email in tag-lish.

So much for my first post here. I have to thank Paul, for consistently reminding folks that 'Friendster Sux'. With that said, I'm officially discontinuing my blog there and starting anew here.