Monday, January 1, 2007

Bad junk mail titles

Junk mail subject titles directed at those who feel they aren't substantial enough.

I do get other junk mail, but these are some of the standouts that are fairly coherent compared to the "9hoodia h';iph'pidf'hkd lidhst[-45uihn'fsgp9sr 7[ihrt;oriwfhndf" kind that also flood my junk mail box.

I'm sure everyone gets these... don't you?!

Hows your little man
Demand more from your dick
Add inches to your package
Thicken up your manhood
Gain Up To 3+ Full Inches In Length
Increase Your Penis Size 3
Biggest dick in town
Greatly improve your stamina
Want to be a hero in a bed?
Hang fat
Pencil dick?
Six months and you'll be a changed man
Please your partner
Make your manhood extra large
Get more chicks
Enlargement patch
Stop being a small guy
Women are unhappy with small dicks
Big gains on your manhood
Enlarge your johnson
Be a big man where it counts
Ashamed of your size
Keep it strong and firm
Make your manhood massive
Every man should read this
Increase your girth
Expand and enlarge
Are you big where it counts
Gain length and width on your dick
Large and in charge
Bigger manhood in months
Turn her on with a larger manhood

I think this one's the best though:
Beef up your tubesteak


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