Monday, April 16, 2007

Bad junk mail titles, pt. 2

They seem to be getting worse.

I'm also getting more Las Vegas/casino/gambling subject lines, telling me I've won something or can win something and I can also get a variety of medication (aside from those that can help my non-existent penis get bigger) for deep discounts.

There's also a smattering of loan offers and religious garble that go straight into the junk folder. But the number of penis-related titles still outnumber the others. Here's the latest batch:

It will be so big she gags on it
Feel better about yourself
Boost your johnson
Biggest cock on the block
My wife says I'm huge
Have control over your manhood
Stronger longer hard ons
Penetrate her deeper
Does it hang long?
No more faking
Improve endurance in the bedroom
It will be so big she gags on it
Supercharge your dick
Stop your ED
How do you feel about your manhood?
Disappointed with your sexual health?
Have you ever felt small?
Be as big as you can be
9 inches in your pants
Can you hit her g-spot?
Does your dick resemble a shrimp?
Is your dick like a scared turtle?
Feed your dick
Fatten up your trousersnake
Fix your bedroom problems with us
Have the biggest dick at the bar
Take your dick to the next level
Get a visit from the big dick fairy
Your ex said you had a small dick
She'll hurt so good with MegaDik
Make your manhood strong
Give her a reason to stick around
Let the big dick fairy bless you

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