Sunday, September 9, 2007

Into the Wild - the movie?

I forgot how I read about this, but I saw on that the book Into the Wild has been made into a movie, with a screening at the Mill Valley Film Festival. I was excited at the chance to see it, but I hadn't learned about till now and I don't have the time or money ($150!) to attend the screening on 9/13.

I don't read much in terms of books. Magazines, cookbooks, myspace profiles, no problem! That crap, I can read forever. Books, and I'm not sure why, not so much. But Into the Wild is one book I actually own, having read it many years ago. I don't remember what exactly attracted me to the story but I do remember being upset through most of my reading, with Chris McCandless, so young and full of potential (and seemingly privileged). At the time, I was at crossroads, struggling to get through college and start my life, thinking wow, what a waste.

Or was it? Bits and pieces of his story, written by Jon Krakauer, still stay with me to this day and that's why I was a little excited to know that the movie version was coming soon to a theater near me. I think I need to dig it out of the closet again and/or see the movie to revisit my feelings about Chris' experience and what he was really trying to discover out there in the wild. I get the feeling I'll be more sympathetic this second time around.

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