Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday movie marathon

"I'm running out of obsequious banter!" I am so guilty.

I didn't know Melinda & Melinda was a Woody Allen movie until now, just when I looked it up on imdb. It was on IFC this past Sunday afternoon. Melinda looked awfully familiar and so I wanted to see what else she (Radha Mitchell) was in and A-ha! She was also in Finding Neverland and High Art.

I made waffles and cooked sausages through Spanglish in the morning and I was settling in for an afternoon of knitting. I thought I'd give an unknown-to-me movie (without commercials, yay!) my attention. Frickin' obsequious banter. That line is going to stay with me FOREVER.

To try and get that out of my head, Eric popped in Gangs of New York. It worked for a little while. Until now.