Monday, June 16, 2008

Radio Las Vegas

- Best/worst radio ad I've heard in a long time. Brought to you by Longabaugh Law Offices.

I kinda like it the way I remembered it better:
"Just because you had a bad marriage doesn't mean you can't have a good divorce." 

But I guess that's pretty terrible, isn't it?!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pet peeve

I hate seeing temporary stitches on coats and jackets still holding the vents and flaps closed. They just bug. 

I noticed a cute little swingy gray coat on this young woman who was waiting for her Golden Gate Transit bus while I was waiting for my MUNI #5 after work. Her bus arrived and as she walked up the stairs into the bus, I noticed that the little flap on the back of the coat was still closed with that temporary stitch. Everything else about her seemed put together, but why did she not cut that stuff loose? The cute, flirtatious effect obvious from the front was undone but the awkward bunching in the back. Terrible.

I don't see these kinds of things very often, but when I do, I just want to run up with scissors and cut those stitches open. Other things I can't stand along the same lines are wool labels on scarves and wool labels still stitched onto the sleeves, near the wrist, of wool coats. UGH.

Don't be lazy, people. Cut those stitches, and wear your clothes, coats and scarves as they were meant to be worn.