Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recent food adventures

The new-to-me restaurants I've recently visited and mostly enjoyed follows. Did I take any photos? No. I haven't been toting a camera around as much as I would like. So you'll just have to go and see for yourself sometime.
Arizmendi Panaderia & Pizzeria on Valencia, just off 24th Street. A couple of slices of their pizza of the day is best piping hot. 
Suriya Thai Restaurant on Howard near 10th Street. I like pork so went for the Suriya Moo Yang. Pretty good-sized lunch plate, nice grilled pieces of pork and the bed of cabbage/veggies it was sitting on soaked up some of the juices. But the rice was really close to turning bad. It had been in the rice cooker too long.
Citizens Band on Folsom near 8th Street. I went outside of my pork zone and tried the chicken sandwich with french fries. If you want some greens, you could choose a salad instead. I really liked the roasted sweet potato smoosh and the mayo spread along with the freshly fried and moist chicken tender. And the bun? Cute as a button and tasty to boot. Baked right next door at Pinkie's Bakery. Perfect proportions for lunch. 
Pinkie's Bakery is conveniently connected to Citizens Band. Cute display counter and case filled with a variety of dessert options. For an afternoon snack, I took back a light and lemony blueberry poundcake. 
Bliss Bar on 24th Street near Noe. Friday Night Date Night was supposed to begin here. But I left my cell phone at work and missed the message to meet at the Valley Tavern instead. I enjoyed a yummy (gin!) martini with some local bar flies. I left toward dinner, looking into all the bar fronts in hopes of finding Eric. He was seated at a window seat at the Valley Tavern, enjoying the last sips of his Duvel Green. Off we went to Contigo for dinner.
Contigo on Castro near 24th St. Tapas in Noe Valley. Nice servers and waitstaff. Loved the recycled wine bottles cut and finished as water glasses. The Basque cider was an acquired taste. No sangria. Tasty, fresh food all around. I especially liked the bacalao, warm brussels sprouts salad, and the flatbread with nettles.
King Wah Seafood on Southgate Avenue, Daly City. I've seen this restaurant evolve over the past 30 years and I think its current design is great. We've eaten here for dinner before (one of my favorites since the remodel = the sizzling plate of seafood and tofu) but this was our first dim sum visit. The food was fresh, hot, and fast.
Patxi's Chicago Pizza on Hayes Street near Octavia. We haven't had deep dish in the City since Uno's down on Lombard. And that restaurant went the way of the dodo years ago. I'll be back here too. Great crust, tasty sauce. We tried the "Favorite" and I can see why it is called that. For our next visit, we'll try a thin crust creation. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Flowers in February

Shooting some flower photos in and around home today.
The last of the narcissus to celebrate Eric's birthday in December. The water/alcohol water mix worked, when I remembered to use it. It did stunt the growth of the stems.
A few of the Dendrobium kingianum spikes are coming along just fine. This pot could also do with some thinning and repotting. I don't think there's anymore sphagnum moss in the pot. 
Another spike of the burgundy/brown cymbidiums harvested from our deck today. I really need to repot this year. Too many back bulbs are crowding the pots.