Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A big difference

I attended a training class not too long ago and the instructor kept using the word calvary when he meant to say cavalry. I thought it was me hearing him incorrectly. Nope, it was the same mispronunciation of the word every time. He must have said it over twenty times during the course of the day.

I've had my share of mispronunciations but I usually correct myself right away, even if I have to say something two to three times to get it right. I did this recently, saying anesthesiologist while thinking anesthetist and it all came out a jumble. But hey, at least they're related words.
To refresh your vocabulary...
Big difference. He kept saying it in the context of calling in all the troops in an emergency situation, to send in the cavalry to assist in battle. All I could think about was Jesus dying on the cross and how he wasn't going anywhere, let alone come to my aid if I was somehow cornered and defenseless against a violent patient.